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Sci fi everyman (natural accent - cultivated Australian)

Badlands superhero (US Southern accent)

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Dredd (General American accent)

Sophisticated serial killer (natural accent - cultivated Australian)

Sarcastic company man (General American accent)

Demon and human fighting exertions

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Who Is Kevin Powe?

Kevin Powe is an Australian actor, voice actor, director and casting director. Kevin stars as Captain Black (voice) in the 2021 film Peacemakers, and features as Belto in the 2020 audio drama North Star Rising. He has voiced characters for over 50 video games including Warframe, Black Desert Online, Path of Exile, Warp Frontier, Puzzle Quest 3, Battle Chef Brigade, Beyond the Veil, and Dead Static Drive.

He has provided narration and voice over for projects including: short films and animation, film and video game trailers, multimedia projects, e-learning; audiobooks, and commercials and promotional videos.

As the proprietor of The Tavern of Voices Kevin sources, casts, and directs voice acting talent. His recent projects include the strategy video game Age of Darkness: Final Stand (2021-2023).

Kevin would love to discuss your next project, and giving it the voice it deserves. Get in touch!

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